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July 2015

What is LOVE?

Hi…I’m back. And as you see, I titled this blog, “What is LOVE?” And I know many who have read my other blogs are thinking: Yeah, I know what you’re gonna say, God is love. Right? Of course God is love. In 1 John 4.16, it talks about how God is love and those who abides in love, abides in God and God in him…

But what I really want to say is, we all know how to love one another. Why can’t we do it more often? Children say love is when people are kind to one another and hug each other. Teens believe that love is when you help others. Adults think that love is sex. Love is not sex…sex is just to reproduce. Many confuse love with lust. When you love one another. You give without expecting to receive. You forgive, forget and move on. You help even your worst enemy. You see, Jesus lived as He was still in Heaven. Being there for others. Providing food, health and more without asking for anything in return, but to follow Him. God wants us to depend on Him totally. Because He loves us. But those who don’t want to approve that, God won’t help them, because He has given us all a free will. He has given us air to breathe, the sun for everyone, good or bad. All He wants us to do is thank Him and love Him above all and love our neighbors as we love ourselves.

When you are hurt by someone you love, it’s because you’re loving that person more than God. You are relying on someone to make you happy. When that is God’s job. He can make you happy. I say it, because I lived it. I use to love my wife and kids more than anything, more than God. When I lost them, I fell into depression. When I would see my kids in the weekends, it was like Heaven on Earth. But as soon as the weekend was over…I just wanted to die. But one day I realized, while reading The Bible. When Jesus says: If you love father, mother, son, daughter more than me, you are not worthy of me. (Matthew 10.37:) I cried, because I rather be worthy of Him than unworthy. I learned to love God. I learned that God is love. When you have God, you have His love to love others like yourself and not be obsessed with another person. I learned that my failures in life was not because of my ex, but because I wasn’t giving God priority in my life. So, if anyone hates me, it won’t affect me, because I know I love God and He loves me. I am able to love others now better, because I learned to love others like I love myself and not more than myself nor more than God.

God is love. He is our everything. With God, you don’t have to want anything else this world can offer. (Psalms 23.1;) He provides. He heals. He blesses those who follow Jesus. Because Jesus taught us to love even our enemies. And He did it on the cross when He said: Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing. (Luke 23.34;) Like I said earlier. We all know how to love one another. The reason it’s so hard for you to love those who hurt you is because you’re not loving God with all your might and loving your neighbor as you love yourself. And if you can’t forgive the offense of another, God the Father will not forgive your offenses. (Matthew 6.14;) Jesus wants us all to make it to Heaven. He doesn’t want to leave no one behind. But He can’t obligate anyone. He gave you a free will. He suffered and died for us, and resurrected so we can have access to Heaven through Him by believing in Him and following Him, obeying His Word, His commandments.

I want you to watch this awesome video I saw on YouTube, that proves that everyone knows how to love. But we all need God’s love. Watch and enjoy!

I just wanted to add…I have not been depressed since the beginning of 2014. I want to thank God for that and give Him all the glory and honor to Him. Even though my mom passed away on the month of November, I mourned for 3 weeks and God gave me strength to carry on. But I have never felt like hurting myself ever again.

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My next blog will be about LOVE…in the meantime…enjoy my previous blogs.



I am white. I am black. I am yellow. I am red. I am brown. I am tan. Why do people have different colors? 

The same reason everything around you is colorful. The grass is green. The sky is blue. Roses have different colors too. Why is the rainbow multicolored? The answer is because God is not racist. God created all these colors because it’s the way He likes us to be. It’s the same as all the animals. All the creatures. All creation is beautiful. Colorful. Stop looking for an excuse to hate one another. That’s what the devil wants. He wants us to hate and kill each other. Why? So you can’t make it to Heaven. That’s why. Because Jesus said: Love one another. Love your enemies. Bless those who curse you. Forgive those who offend you.

It is so easy to hate. It is so easy to argue with one another. It’s so easy to sin. Why? Because when you don’t put God in first place, everything else comes first and we forget about God, because there are so many things we do before we think of God, that it creates a far distance between you and God. When God created us equal. We are all humans. We all bleed. We all breathe the same air. We all communicate. We all are created to give thanks to God for everything and He wants us to believe in His son, Jesus Christ, so we can be saved forever. Don’t let others make you hate them. When they try, think of this blog. Think and remember that Jesus said I love you and you must love one another, as I loved you. Then remember His sacrifice on the cross. He did this so we can all be saved. He defeated death, so those who die in Christ may not have eternal death, but eternal life.

So what color are you? Like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson use to say: IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT COLOR YOU ARE? LOL…I just had to use that phrase. I hope and pray the Rock, or Dwayne Johnson, becomes saved. I pray for him too. Well, God bless you all. Don’t forget to comment or like or both. And check out the links below. OK?



I know you have seen either in real life or on TV when the cop says: Stop in the name of the law. Well, the name of Jesus, and when I say Jesus, I don’t mean the name of your neighbor, your son, cousin, uncle or whoever you know personally with the name Jesus, but I am talking about Jesus Christ. The Messiah, the King of kings and Lord of lords. The one mentioned in the Bible, in case you never read it. Well, whenever I say Jesus, that’s who I am talking about. OK?

Now, like you, I have heard about Jesus Christ since I was a little kid. In that time I was reading comic books. Marvel and DC comics. My favorite heroes were Batman, Superman, Flash, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Spiderman, Aquaman, and more. I would go and buy a comic book each month. If I find the continuation of my last comic, I would buy it, if not, I would search for one that looks good. I would hear my mom talk about Jesus Christ. In that time there was a song called Jesus Christ Superstar…and when I heard that Jesus healed the sick, was killed and defeated death and saved the world. I went to the store and I was looking for a comic book. The guy working there asked me: Which one you’re looking for? I said: I am looking for Jesus Christ. You know? The one who saved the world. He gave me a look like if I was weird. Then he said: That’s only in the Bible. I said: What’s a Bible? He didn’t know how to explain it, but he said it’s a book with no pictures in it. It’s not a comic book. And I said: But he’s a superhero…He saved the world. I heard about Him. He gave me that look again…so I left with a Captain America comic book.

One day, this man spoke to me and my friends about Jesus Christ and he sang some awesome songs written by him. I remember crying and accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior. But he didn’t give me any invitations to his church…Then a year later, I began to go to a church with my mom and brother. There, I saw angels, clouds and a lot of beautiful things. I began to wonder, what was all this? When I began to study and learn from the Bible and I began to pray and have a close relationship with Him. Then I knew I met the Hero of heroes. Jesus Christ.

You see? In the name of Jesus, many were healed. Many were delivered from evil. In the name of Jesus prayers are answered. The powerful name of Jesus is the name above all the names. His name has authority over everything. Many people are suffering and going through a lot of hassle, but if each and every one calls to the Father in the name of Jesus, his/her prayers will be answered. When I read the Bible and see how people are healed in the name of Jesus, I want to be closer and closer to God, and do His will.

Jesus Christ is coming soon. But not only does He wants us to be ready for that day. He wants us to be ready everyday, because we don’t know when He will come, nor we know the day we will die, or how will we die. But if you have given your heart to Jesus, and you live doing His will, by loving God above all and your neighbor as yourself. By forgiving others so that God the Father may forgive you too. Then you are ready to go to Heaven. Only then will you make it. Jesus wants us to love each other, no matter what. If you hate, you’re the same as a murderer. If you can’t love and forgive those who you see. How can you say you love and want forgiveness of the one you cannot see? I will end this letting you know, there is life after death. Eternal life for those who believe and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. And there is eternal death for those who don’t believe and don’t do God’s will. I hope you make the right decision. If you don’t want to believe me, then try it yourself. Ask God if He is for real. I know HE will reveal Himself to you.

Thanks for reading. God bless you.

Independence Day

  The 4th of July…Independence Day! Many are planning to watch fireworks tonight! Others are going to party all night! But are we really celebrating the true meaning of that day? Or are we just looking for a reason to party and celebrate? It’s sad to say that men fought to be independent from the British Empire. Nobody knows what those soldiers went through for us to be independent. Just like no wants to understand what Jesus Christ went through just for us to be saved from eternal death. We might be independent from the British Empire, but many want to live an independent life from everything and/or everybody…even from Christ. There are people who would say, I don’t need God’s help…I can do this on my own. Many single moms say…I don’t need a man, I can do this on my own. Many men say…I don’t need a woman to tie me down, I can live on my own. In other words, they’re saying: I’m independent. I don’t depend on nobody. 

Well, God wants everyone to depend on Him. He created you and all He wants from you is a Thank you God. But no, we all look for an excuse why not to thank God. And it’s sad to see that. It’s so easy to celebrate the 4th of July, Independence Day, than to celebrate and thank the Lord God and creator of all things. Well, I will celebrate the 4th of July, just like every other day of my life…giving thanks, praise glory and honor to the creator of Heavens and Earth, for the salvation of my soul and the forgiveness of all my sins. For learning to depend on Him, because He is my healer when I am sick, He provides me whenever I need something, He gives me peace in the middle of my struggles, He has made me happy because He is with me like a powerful giant. For I shall not fear no evil. And He loved me even before I existed. Why shouldn’t I love Him and depend on Him?



Welcome back! I titled this blog I don’t understand…because I was gonna title it I don’t understand the Bible. But I began to think…many people don’t understand a lot of things in life. I wish in this blog I can teach you all I know. But you only have a few minutes to read this blog. Right? Yeah, I thought so. But I can tell you the easiest way to understand life and everything is in the Bible. Right now, many of you agree and some disagree. Those who disagree is because you haven’t read the Bible or haven’t read it the right way to understand. You need to believe in Jesus Christ and know Him to understand the Bible. I am not telling you or making you a believer. No. I am just telling you by my experience how I obtained love and peace in my life…through Jesus Christ.

Now I am just gonna tell you that the Bible is like the guide for life. But you might say: I don’t understand. It’s ok. I didn’t understand it either. But when I was taught the right way to read it so I can understand it…when I did it…it was very clear. Let me explain. I said that you must believe and know Jesus. Right? Ok. It’s true. But how can you believe in Jesus if you don’t read about Him. Now, to read about Jesus, you must read the four gospels in the New Testament. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. When you’re done, go to the Old Testament and read from Genesis to Revelations. When you read the Old Testament, you will remember what Jesus mentioned. By the time you reach the New Testament again and read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, you will understand and remember what Jesus talked about in the Old Testament. Now, once you’re done reading the whole Bible, don’t stop there. Do it again, and again and again. Why? Because every time you read the Bible, you will learn more and more about life.

Another thing that helps me is reading a chapter from the Psalms and a chapter from the Proverbs. Why? The Psalms are songs and prayer and they will teach you how to pray ( talk with God ) and give Him devotion every morning. The Proverbs are the wise advice given from King Solomon through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. It will let you know what is God’s will. There is so much to learn, but you can only understand if you read the Bible the right way. You will learn what God likes and doesn’t like. You will learn that if you do what He commands, you will be saved. And last, go to a church where they preach that Jesus saves, heals and baptizes in Holy Spirit and truth. I pray that those who dare do this may be blessed. Jesus Christ is coming soon…nobody knows when…but also, nobody knows when they’re gonna die. So, we must be ready always. It’s not easy, but not impossible. God will help you, if you obey His commandments and love Him with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself.  By doing this, you’re obeying every law. Forgive, and our Father in Heaven will forgive you too. If it was for me, I would keep writing more. LOL. But, now it’s your turn to read the Bible. I hope that when you read it, you will see that you will understand, not only the Bible, but about life.

Don’t forget to comment. God bless you in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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