The 4th of July…Independence Day! Many are planning to watch fireworks tonight! Others are going to party all night! But are we really celebrating the true meaning of that day? Or are we just looking for a reason to party and celebrate? It’s sad to say that men fought to be independent from the British Empire. Nobody knows what those soldiers went through for us to be independent. Just like no wants to understand what Jesus Christ went through just for us to be saved from eternal death. We might be independent from the British Empire, but many want to live an independent life from everything and/or everybody…even from Christ. There are people who would say, I don’t need God’s help…I can do this on my own. Many single moms say…I don’t need a man, I can do this on my own. Many men say…I don’t need a woman to tie me down, I can live on my own. In other words, they’re saying: I’m independent. I don’t depend on nobody. 

Well, God wants everyone to depend on Him. He created you and all He wants from you is a Thank you God. But no, we all look for an excuse why not to thank God. And it’s sad to see that. It’s so easy to celebrate the 4th of July, Independence Day, than to celebrate and thank the Lord God and creator of all things. Well, I will celebrate the 4th of July, just like every other day of my life…giving thanks, praise glory and honor to the creator of Heavens and Earth, for the salvation of my soul and the forgiveness of all my sins. For learning to depend on Him, because He is my healer when I am sick, He provides me whenever I need something, He gives me peace in the middle of my struggles, He has made me happy because He is with me like a powerful giant. For I shall not fear no evil. And He loved me even before I existed. Why shouldn’t I love Him and depend on Him?