This is no lie, no promo. I have been working here and there trying to make extra money. I finally went to a meeting to see how I can make more money weekly. The meeting was Herbalife. Of course, I  felt a little down, because you have to buy the product and use it to make extra money. Almost a week after that meeting went by when I saw one of the distributors who owns his own Fitness/Nutrition Club. He invited me in and had me try the tea and the shake…but before trying it, I told him that this won’t work for me because I like to eat and I eat a lot. But he guaranteed me that I would be full once I finish drinking the shake. I laughed with unbelief. But I tried it. I was surprised how full I felt. The next morning, I went to his Club again and this time he gave me another flavor of shake…it tasted like ice cream, but I couldn’t guess the flavor…it was Cookies n’ Cream….OMG! I said, I can do this. I substituted my breakfast and dinner with the tea and shakes, I still had a regular lunch, or I ate until I was full. The week passed, I felt more energetic, but I didnt think I loss weight, because to me, I was still eating a lot and I would just walk like an hour a day.

After my first week went by, I weighed myself in the Club and I was so surprised I went from 198 lbs to 192 lbs in one week…6 lbls in one week…without exercising, just walking to work…40 to 50 minutes a day. I don’t feel sleepy like I use to…I would take a nap every single day. I would feel tired most of the day. I would get fatigued walking to work or up hills. Now I don’t. I feel half my age, like a 24 year old. I recommend everyone to use Herbalife. You will thank me. For real.