When I say new beginning… I am thinking of changing everything that has not worked for me in the past and do things better. I can’t forget the past because I shouldn’t forget my mistakes or things that didn’t work for me. I’m gonna focus on what I am good at. I’m gonna allow God to control my life, if there’s anything that is not convenient in my life for me, I know that He will make a better way for me.

I know how I am. I know my strengths and weaknesses. I know that God permits things to happen for a reason and His purpose will be accomplished anyways. I’ve been so busy and unfocused, I even stopped blogging. But it’s a new beginning, to work hard for God and myself. It’s a new beginning to help others and love those who need love. It’s not about sex…it’s about really caring and focusing on others as we focus and love ourselves.

I sometimes don’t see what I do. But when I sit back and think of what I do all day everyday… I do a lot and there still things I wanted to do that couldn’t be done because of my limitations. But they’re on my list. I hope you all enjoyed my blog. Have a great month of October. God bless all those who read my blogs and checkout my links.

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