I know it’s been a couple of weeks after Rousey’s lost against Holly. I just want to mention that in September, when they promoted this fight, I didn’t know really who was Holly. I really admire Ronda Rousey a lot. She’s a great fighter also. A real true champion. I have learned that when you humble yourself, you will be exalted and when you exalt yourself, you will be humbled. While everyone mentioned that Rousey’s the best ever, and she humbly accepted that, she was doing great. But when I saw her promo for this fight, and Rousey was saying she’s the best, I already knew what was coming for her…even though I saw that coming since September. I wish I would’ve blogged it to re-post the blog as proof that Holly would win.

How did I knew Holly would win? Well, like I said before, I never heard of Holly. So I began to search on Google and YouTube about her. When I saw her fighting style, her record, and everything else…I said, she’s gonna be the one to beat Ronda Rousey. But when I saw the fight, I didn’t expect Holly to escape various times from Ronda’s armbar. And I didn’t expect Holly to bust Ronda’s face and make her bleed. It was a tremendous fight. I believe that Ronda deserves a rematch. I hope she learned her lesson to stay humble. And I also hope to see her wrestling for the WWE. LOL.


Well, that’s all I wanted to say about that. I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving day.


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